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(in alphabetical order)

1970 Bilbaina at Rekondo | San Sebastian, Spain {food} 

A Senator Gets Mad | Elizabeth Warren {media} 

Apple Tart with Burnt Caramel at Bistrot Bizerca | Cape Town, South Africa {food}

Baguette Delmontel | Paris, France {food}

Bones of Contention | Paige Williams, The New Yorker {media}

Chapman Peak Drive | Cape Town {place}

Chartfield Guest House | Kalk Bay, South Africa {place} 

Courtyard at Hotel Amour | Paris, France {place}

The Dorrance | Providence, Rhode Island {place} 

Fes el Bali | Fes, Morocco {place}

Fish sticks, Peche | New Orleans, LA {food}

Hotel Arvor lobby | Paris, France {place} 

Hotel de Nell Cedar bathtub | Paris, France {place} 

How to spend 47 hours on a train and not go crazy | Nathaniel Rich {media}

JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement {media}

Jose Enrique | San Juan, Puerto Rico {food}

Lala Salaama {new discovery}

Lean In | Sheryl Sandberg {media}

Les Jardins des Biehn | Fes, Morocco {place}

MIT Museum | Cambridge, MA {place}

Mushroom & Raw Egg tapa | San Sebastian, Spain {food}

Neue Galerie wallpaper | New York {new discovery} 

The Spectacular Thefts of Apollo Robbins | Adam Green, The New Yorker {media}

The Theoretical Framework, chapter 2 | Hirotaka Takeuchi {media}

Three Beards | Donald Hall, The New Yorker {media}

Tiny Desk Concert | Macklemore at NPR {media}

Torre del Remei chairs | Bolvir de Cerdanya, Spain {new discovery} 

Oysterbox hotel | Durban {place} 

Rusks | South Africa {food} 

Saiaz Getaria | Getaria, Spain {place}

Spit roasted chicken, Paul Bocuse | Pont de Collonges, France {food} 

Wayne Curtis breakfast au naturel | Grand Lake Stream, Maine {food} 

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