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MEDIA 2023
(in alphabetical order)

Beyond the Myth of Rural America, Daniel Immerwahr | New Yorker {article}

Circe | Madeline Miller {book}

Dreaming in Babylon, Safiya Sinclair | New Yorker {article}

Jon Batiste at Jazzfest | {show}

Katherine Hayhoe and Zeke Hausfather on Twitter {educators}

KoKoKo at Music Box village | {show}

Melba’s Contains Multitudes, Rien Fertel |The Bitter Southerner {article}

Sweet Enough, Alison Roman | {cookbook}

The Invention of a Neighborhood, Jonathan Lethem | New Yorker {article}

The Way of the World, by Nicholas Bouvier {book}

To Be of Use by Marge Piercy | {poem}

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