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60 lives, 30 kidneys, All Linked | The New York Times {media} 

A Hanging | George Orwell {media}

Andrew Molera State Park | Big Sur, CA {places}

another Bullshit Night in Suck City | Nick Flynn {media}

Arnold Arboretum | Boston, MA {places}

Bar High Five | Tokyo, Japan {places}

Bread at Fore Street | Portland {food/drink}

Brunch | Coquette, New Orleans {food/drink}

Chase’s Daily | Belfast, ME {places}

Chopped salad | August, New Orleans {food/drink}

H Rault | New Orleans, LA {places}
Handmade Japanese brooms | Kyoto {new discoveries}

Heywood Hotel | Austin, Texas {places}

How to be a woman | Caitlin Moran {media}

k’naan | Royale, Boston {media}

Meat Fruit, Dinner | London {food/drink}

Menus for Chez Panisse | Patricia Curtan {media}

Minuteman bike path | Cambridge, MA {places}

Nishiki Market | Kyoto, Japan {places}

Oysters, The Hatch | Worcester, England {food/drink}

Sherlock | BBC Series {media}

Swanee Hunt’s house | Cambridge, MA {places}

Takashimaya soy sauce aisle | Kyoto, Japan {places}

The Bravest Woman In Seattle | Eli Sanders {media}

The End | Ben Ehrenreich {media}

The Home Place | Catawba, VA {places}

The Long Fall of One Eleven Heavy | Michael Paterniti {media}

The Moviegoer | Walker Percy {media}

Three Sisters Annex | Kyoto, Japan {places}

Tinariwen | Paradise Rock Club, Boston {media}

Tokyu Hands | Tokyo, Japan {places}

Turf Club, Bellocq | New Orleans {food/drink}

Whitney Houston’s Invicible Voice | Sasha Frere-Jones, New Yorker {media}

Wythe Hotel | Brooklyn, NY {places}

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