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(in alphabetical order)

65 | Mark Jacobson, New York Magazine {journalism} 

Alzina’s | Galliano, LA {restaurant} 

Billy Joel, Thirty-Three Hit Wonder | New Yorker {journalism} 

Exhibit room at YSL’s museum | Marrakech {museum} 

Hare With the Amber Eyes | New Orleans {book} 

Hampton Inn | Bemidji {hotel} 

Pulphead | New Orleans {book} 

The Most Ambitious Environmental Lawsuit Ever | Nate Rich, NYTM {journalism} 

The Surreal Fine-Art Spectacle in Laguna Beach | Sam Anderson, NYTM {journalism} 

There’s No Place Like Home | Garrison Keillor, National Geographic {journalism} 

Tortillas at Abuelita Galveston, TX {food} 

Tuna Tostada at Contramar Mexico City {food} 

Same Trailer, Different Park | Kacey Musgraves {music} 

Wedge Salad, Munch Factory | New Orleans {food} 

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