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MEDIA 2017
(in alphabetical order)

Form Into Action | Julio Le Parc at PAMM {art exhibit}

Just Mercy | Bryan Stevenson {book}

Land of the Burnt Thigh | Edith Kohl {book}

Kamasi Washington at One Eyed Jack’s {show}

Outline | Rachel Cusk {book}

S-Town {podcast}

Shannon Mulcahy story | Farah Stockman, The New York Times {journalism}

To Obama with Love, Hate and Desperation | Jeanne Marie Laskas, The New York Times {journalism}

The Dinner Party | Gabrielle Hamilton, The New York Times {journalism}

When Things Go Missing | Kathryn Schultz, The New Yorker {journalism}

Who is Rich | Matthew Klam {book)

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